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Local Mission

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Approximately 30 walkers from our church supported the 2019 CROP Walk on Sunday, October 5, to reduce hunger around the world including Fenton.  To encourage youth fund raising efforts, both Tina and Pastor Robbie created a “challenge” and both challenges were met.  So Tina had two lime pies thrown at her and Robbie had 50 water balloons thrown at him.  A good time was had by all!

This was Fenton’s 39th annual walk for the Fenton, Lake Fenton, Linden and Holly area but the 50th for the national walk.  Walkers proceeded past various stations within Bush Park designed to raise hunger awareness as well as around downtown Fenton.  Alternately, participants could sit and rock at one location or could do Jazzercise at another.

Approximately $355,000 has been raised in the previous 37 years of walking to “end hunger one step at a time.”  One-fourth of the money raised this year will be used to support three local agencies:  FISH (Food Pantry) in Linden, St. Jude’s School Lunch Program and Fenton UMC Food Bank.

A group of 8 volunteers from our church assisted building a Habitat home in Gaines on Saturday, July 27.  Our group installed siding on the exterior of the home and blocks in the floor joists.  We had a very rewarding time.

The homeowner, Stephanie, was a missionary and has scarce financial resources.  Stephanie runs a non-profit that supports churches in their mission work by helping them with marketing.  Her childhood home burned down when she was a kid so she knows what it is like to lose everything and not have a place to stay.  Her passion and appreciation for homeownership are guided by those memories as well as her devotion to Christ.  She is very excited about her new home!

On Saturday, July 13, 2019, our church supported the Bastille Day Race in downtown Fenton.  Each year, this race generates over $20,000 for the Genesee County Habitat for Humanity chapter and also brought thousands of visitors into Fenton.  The 15k race began at 7:45 am while the 5k run/walk began at 8:00 am.  Both races were wrapping up by 10:00 am.  Food and entertainment were available behind city hall where the race results were also posted.

Our church supplied five volunteers who assisted with traffic control at 5 neighborhood corners plus 2 participants in the race.  Thank you to the volunteers for assisting in this worthwhile cause. Everyone had a great time!  Our church also provides financial support for the local Habitat chapter through our mission budget; this is only possible with the support of our members through the operating budget.

For 73 years, Catholic Charities of Shiawassee and Genesee Counties has provided intervention services for individuals and families in crisis. The North End Soup Kitchen provides food and household supplies. We were blessed to have 7 volunteers from our church make and serve 65 meals on Saturday evening, June 15. We have assisted in alleviating hunger through our time, talents and treasure (we use some of our mission budget money to support their food program).

We had a very nice day to host a blood drive.  We want to thank the 32 people who showed up to donate their blood, the 29 people who were able to donate, the Boy Scouts for assisting in setting up and packing up the equipment, the members who made cookies and the members who hosted the drive on Saturday, June 1.  We are grateful that we can host such an important life-preserving event for our community!  In addition, we use some of our local mission budget to support the Red Cross programs.

Since 2006, Adopt-a-Pet has found homes for over 3000 cats and dogs and funded veterinary care for some very sick animals. Their objective is “to find loving homes for homeless dogs and cats as well as assist people in the community to find homes for their personal animals.”

On Saturday, May 18, 13 volunteers from our church and 12 volunteers from our scout troop had a wonderful time assisting Adopt-a-Pet on a nice day. We cleaned the dog kennels, weeded the flower beds, cut down garlic mustard plans, cleaned an office floor, processed donated pop cans (which pays for their electricity each month!), filled holes and performed numerous other landscaping chores. We use a portion of our time, talents and mission budget to assist them in serving God’s cats and dogs.

Tri-County Christmas In Action performed significant home repairs to two houses (on in Byron and one in Gaines) on Saturday, April 27. Patricia is the homeowner and resident. Her daughter Tisha was the person requesting our assistance.

Six volunteers from our church worked at the house in Byron. Our team helped to repair/rebuild a wheelchair ramp and clean up the yard. The roof was also re-shingled by a couple men who were very familiar with roofing. The homeowner could no longer safely use the wheelchair ramp before it was repaired. Her large yard needed a lot of clean up. She is most appreciative of our service.

Our mission budget enables us to contribute to the Christmas In Action budget each year. Our time, talents and treasure are making a positive difference in God’s world.

Cleaning out your clothes closet? Have some small appliances that work well but you don’t use them anymore?

Our Carriage Town collection box is waiting for your donations! In Fellowship Hall at the head of the stairs in the large wooden box (made by Gene Morrison) with its new sign (made by Greeting Card leader, Claudia Henderson). Most often, it is Ken Wensel who makes the periodic trips to Carriage Town in Flint to deliver our donations, and he can tell you how appreciative Carriage Town is.

Carriage Town Ministries provides compassion and support to those with immediate housing and food needs and a longer term “get back on your feet” residential program with spiritual, educational, and work-service training for those ready to work toward productive lives. Your donations help them help others.

Over 19% of the people in eastern Michigan are food insecure! The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan provides food to over 400 partner agencies in 22 counties. A hungry person or family could be your child’s friend from school, your co-worker or even your neighbor.

Here is just one neighbor’s story from the Food Bank clients: Daniel supports his wife and two children by working long hours, six days a week, as a painter. In the past, Daniel’s family had to make some tough choices between paying for their bills and buying food. The family found assistance through their local food pantry, which distributes healthy food at his daughter’s school. “By helping [us] provide for our children now, they are helping us give our children a chance at a better future.”

On Saturday, March 16th, eight scouts and five adults performed a mission outreach at the Food Bank. They worked together to repackage frozen squash. In 3 hours they processed 1400 pounds of food for area families. The group carpooled together from church.

Through your pledges to our church’s program, the mission committee makes donations to the Food Bank: $1 = 6 meals; $20 can feed a family of four for 10 days. In addition, our members have supported their Empty Bowls fund raiser in September as well as volunteering our hands to assist them in sorting food for distribution. The mission committee wants to thank our members for their numerous methods of supporting the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan!

The Shelter of Flint serves more than 1000 homeless adults and children every day! The average stay for their client is 37 days and they consistently report 90% in positive housing destinations. While they have many success stories, let us share just one:

After having difficulty finding suitable housing in Lansing and having a few homeless episodes, Angie returned to Flint to be near family. She came to the Shelter of Flint with her 2-year-old son, Christopher, who has special needs. While at the shelter, her son made friends and gained the courage to begin walking. She was able to get help finding a house and received a care package of household items when leaving the shelter. Angie and her family have been in their house for over a year. Her son is in school and is walking all over the place. Angie is taking classes at MI Works and works from home as a part-time beautician.

The shelter helps you move forward. They motivate you to get out of the situation you are in and not be in that situation again. Shelter of Flint rocks!” Angie

On February 23, 13 volunteers from our church went to serve at the Shelter of Flint. We organized their attic storage, sorted their recent donations, cleaned the playroom and the one-stop building, washed the resident’s halls and washed/waxed their dining room floor. Our church family helped them make a difference in our world using our time, talents and treasure (we use some of our mission budget to support their essential services).

The Shelter of Flint has several essential programs:

  • The provide emergency shelter for the homeless
  • They provide transitional and permanent housing
  • They provide comprehensive housing placement services in Genesee County
  • They provide the Homeless Outreach program as a point of entry into services for Genesee County including street outreach, wrap around services that partner with other community agencies, and information and referrals for needed services

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