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Worship at First Presbyterian Church

Worshiping God and the amazing love shown to us through Jesus Christ is essential in building and maintaining our faith. The worship service emphasizes hearing God’s word in scripture and sermon as well as through music and prayer.

Special Worship Announcement

Church Re-Opening July 12th – What You Need To Know

Members and friends of FFPC

While the Covid19 pandemic persists and is again growing in a variety of areas in the U.S, many businesses and activities are reopening. Churches are essential. In person worship is essential. But we cannot knowingly place people at risk, and many in our congregation are at an increased risk of serious illness and death from this virus.
The Session has acted on recommendations of a special task force to develop processes for re-opening our church. Based on physical considerations, we plan to open Sunday July 12th. We will continue to broadcast our services online via Zoom and Facebook. We plan to continue doing this into the future, even when there is no danger of meeting, because it allows all of us, including travelers and those that have moved away, to stay in touch.

In order to adequately provide a safe worship experience, we will be implementing a variety of changes. We ask that you agree and comply; and if you are unable or unwilling to comply, please continue to participate from home.

  • Everyone must wear a face covering (mask) the entire time you are in the building; the entire time during worship, including singing. The mask does not protect you from anything; but it can work to protect those around you, and anyone could be infected without knowing it. Masks will be available at the door for those who forget to bring their own.
  • You must disinfect your hands before entering the building (a monitored hand sanitizer station will be set up in the lobby by the east (parking lot) main door.
  • The east (parking lot) main door will be the only entrance to the church building that will be unlocked. Once inside you may exit through any door.
  • If you need the elevator, access through the hallway will be provided.
  • Seating in the sanctuary will be in alternate rows, and only on the far ends of each pew. Family units living together are welcome to sit together. We estimate that at least 60 people can fit in the reduced spaces available.
  • Exiting the sanctuary at the end of services will be by row, conducted by the ushers. We need to prevent the usual bottleneck at the doors to the narthex

There will be other changes, and we will be making these known over the time between now and the first open worship. However, remember that we cannot provide any iron clad guarantee of your safety. Disease can spread in spite of the disinfectant actions and social distancing that we will implement. If you are uncomfortable with returning to live worship, you can still have live-virtual worship as we’ve been doing these last 3 months.

May the LORD God protect you, but please, as Deuteronomy 6:16 tells us: “You shall not tempt the LORD your God…”
Stay safe and healthy. Shalom
FFPC Session
July 2020 Pg. 20
Worship Committee

Here is how to join us from home

1. Go to this browser:

2. use the Zoom app and use this Meeting ID
Meeting ID: 830 914 2301
Meeting Password: 5013

3. Use your telephone line to listen in:
Call +19292056099 and dial 8309142301#  at the prompt US (New York)
Call +13126266799 and dial 8309142301# at the prompt US (Chicago)

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July Worship Series

Worship Schedule July 5-July 26th

The Prophet Jeremiah was tasked to call God’s people into repentance. Jeremiah lived in tumultuous times, both socially and politically. His words pierce the heart and are surprisingly relevant to today. We live in great need of repentance. This does not mean going to church more often or giving up curse words. Real repentance is the reconciliation of relationship between each other and between ourselves and God.

July 5th, 5th Sunday after Pentecost, Communion Sunday
“The Way Back Home is Repentance” Jeremiah 3:6-24
Speaking to Jeremiah, God paints a vivid picture of what he feels as his chosen people are unfaithful to him. It is sobering to think that God may feel this way as we commit our personal sins, let alone as our nation as a whole is struggling with social problems. In spite of God’s disgust and disappointment, he draws up a plan for renewal and reconciliation; the foundation of this plan is repentance.

July 12th, 6th Sunday after Pentecost
“When we refuse to repent” Jeremiah 5:1-13
Repentance is not just a hand shake and a mumbled, “I’m sorry”. It is a radical transformation of spirit, action and reconciliation. If there is not repentance over wrong doing there is not just spiritual consequences, but physical ones too. God uses natural and supernatural consequence of sin to call us to repentance. However, the more we refuse to repent the more our heart is calcified and we cease being able to hear God calling to us.

July 19th, 7th Sunday after Pentecost
“Lament for God’s People” Jeremiah 4:19-31, Matthew 25:1-13
Matthew 25 tells the parable of the ten bridesmaids. Five are foolish and get left outside as the wedding party commences. How must they feel? Jeremiah shares about what they might have felt like and certainly how we should feel like if we find ourselves unprepared and unable to participate in God’s saving work in the world.

July 26th, 8th Sunday after Pentecost
“How shall we grieve?” Jeremiah 8:18-9:11
No matter what your political affiliations there are many things worth grieving over in our world; from racial injustice, to economic opportunity lost, to climate change, to name a few. It is not wrong to feel bad about these things, however grief that leads to creative action is how we refuse to let our grief paralyze us.nt to live, in full communion with our God.