The Ministry of Deacon is set forth in scripture is one of compassion, witness, and service. Sharing in the redeeming love of Jesus Christ for the poor, hungry, the sick, the lost, the friendless, the oppressed, those burdened by unjust policies of structure, or anyone else in distress.

Helping Hands

Want to help? If you are willing to:

1) provide rides for small errands such as picking up a few groceries, prescriptions, or Doctor appointments or
2) do simple household chores for those unable to do them for themselves, then WE NEED YOU

You can now sign up on the FFPC website for Helping Hands. Once you sign up, we can contact you to assist others needing help.

*Those willing to drive a church member somewhere must complete a form and provide a valid driver’s license and proof of current auto insurance. These forms are available in the church office. We will help you complete the form.

If you have any questions, please contact the church office or Terrie Fisher at 810-845-3060 


  • Pantry Donation List
  • Annual Easter Project
  • Annual Back to School Project
  • Annual Senior Celebration Luncheon
  • Annual Christmas Project
  • Prayer Chain Coordination
  • Reaching out to Members of the Congregation
  • Communion Preparation
  • Helping Hands Coordination
  • Memorial Book Presentation
  • Wedding Bible Presentation
  • Home Meals Coordination
  • Annual Scholarship
  • Nominating Committee Meeting Presentation

Scholarships Applications now Available! Apply for one or both.

Deacon Scholarship Application 23_24

Allen_Fowler Scholarship Application 23_24


Helping Hands Sign-Up
Home Meal Sign-Up

Prayer requests and updates can be sent to Nancy Parkin by phone at 810-241-6497 or by email at [email protected].Home Meal Sign-Up