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World Missions Outreach

Hunger is one of the greatest injustices facing our world today, but it doesn’t have to be… you can feed our neighbors here and around the world!

Join Fenton 1st Presbyterian from 2-3pm on October 4th for the Crop Hunger Walk. We will be social distancing and/or walking with family as we walk a route around the church. It is a very fun, family friendly walk to raise funds and awareness.

Register online at https://www.crophungerwalk.org/fentonmi/Team/View/136789/Fenton-1st-Presbyterian  Can’t walk on October 4th?  Sponsor our team at the same website.  Every donation helps end hunger and save lives! Help us reach our goal of $1,500.00 raised!

CROP funds fight hunger around the world, and 25% of the money raised is sent to the Fenton United Methodist food pantry, FISH of Linden, and St. Jude’s School Lunch program.

Our Presbyterian missionary, Jeff Boyd, recently sent the following report with 2 pictures showing one of the three cisterns we sponsored is now in use.

The cistern at the church of Rev. Augustin Mukendi is very large and has a nice gutter system installed.  It is completely finished.  We were at this church for a meeting of three groups involved in a program to identify malnourished children in the community and then to work with their families and the local churches to change that situation.  We heard reports of up to 25% of children being malnourished, as determined by measurements of upper arm circumference.  As the meeting was winding down, we took a tour of the surroundings, starting with the inauguration of the cistern at Rev. Mukendi’s congregation.  The water was flowing.  After visiting the water cistern, we visited the pen where guinea pigs were being raised in support of this nutrition program.  We then visited a home to see efforts to implement sanitation and hygiene advice given by these community health and transformation groups.  You can understand how this cistern fits into a larger program promoting health and well-being of the community.

In the picture, next to Rev. Mukendi, is Rev. Debbie Braaksma, Presbyterian World Mission Coordinator for Africa.

DSC02398 (800x600)DSC02395 (800x600)

Over 110 people from the Fenton churches showed up to walk in the 2014 CROP Walk on October 5 including 14 people from our church.  This was Fenton’s 34th annual walk for the Fenton, Lake Fenton, Linden and Holly area.  Approximately $14,300 was raised through this walk to “end hunger one step at a time”.   One-fourth of the money raised this year will be used to support three local agencies:  FISH (Food Pantry) in Linden, St. Jude’s School Lunch Program and Fenton UMC Food Bank.  The picture below captures our church’s walkers:

IMG_0079 (800x600)

On Sunday evening, September 28, 16 of us gathered in the youth room to hear the mission experiences of Katy Black and Nina Kryza.  Nina shared her story of going to Rwanda, Africa for 8 weeks to assist families in creating small farming businesses to provide sustainable income for families.  She stayed with a middle class host family who lived in a mud house with a metal roof, experienced a few weeks of illness while adjusting to the different living conditions, went to 4 worship services in a different language that lasted 3 hours each, learned about the poor quality of water, how to use water efficiently, and how heavy those water jugs really are, AND helped to educate folks on maintaining a small business.  The reward was buying a pig to start a farm!

Joining the Youth With A Mission team, Katy went to Ireland for 3 months before heading to India for 2 months. Time spent in Ireland focused on 18 students from 9 countries bonding in community, discovering their God given gifts, accepting their personal strengths and weaknesses, learning about church history and conflict, finding acceptance among the diverse cultures represented in the group and the world, and serving the local community. From there, 7 trainees went to India to be the hands and feet of Jesus, serving those in deepest poverty by assisting with basic education, money management, nutrition, and health from small children to adults.

Both of these remarkable women walked away with the understanding that no matter your circumstances or culture, people are the same everywhere, and can be, actually are, happy in their lives!  Overcoming language and culture barriers opens the door to a deeper understanding of humanity where God shows mercy and grace to us everyday in all that we do.  Thank you, Katy & Nina, for sharing your stories. You are doing great works for all of God’s people! Continued blessings on your journey 🙂

Katy & Nina


Our Presbyterian missionary, Jeff Boyd, has emailed us on August 18, 2014 to inform us that the 3 water cisterns are now made, on location and ready for installation.  Two cisterns will be installed at two schools in west Kasai and one cistern at Dibindi Foyer.  These cisterns will benefit 30 orphans and vulnerable children, 40 households, 997 pupils and 422 members of Dikongayi parish.

The cistern’s installation involves making footings on which the cisterns will rest and then installing the gutters to feed rainwater from rooftops into the cisterns.

Jeff Boyd will let us know when the installation is complete.  Our project will soon be helping people live healthier and more productive lives!

congo cistern

Two adults and seven Sr. high youth from Fenton and Holly First Presbyterian Churches left at 7 o’clock this morning for Tennessee.  The group will be working with the Morgan Scott Project building a wheel chair ramp for one family, and completing painting and staining jobs that were started by other works crews earlier in the summer. These much needed repairs allow families to remain in their homes. God’s blessings and protection are prayed for all during this journey. Below is a group picture before leaving, and the group on their way with their fearless leader, Shaun Hardimon, at the wheel!

mission trip groupmission trip

Congo Water ProjectTHANKS to the efforts of our congregation and the other churches within our Presbytery, we have raised the $13,000 needed to provide 3 cisterns for the City of Kananga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The check will be sent to Presbyterian World Mission who will then make it available to our missionary, Jeff Boyd, in the Congo.

Since 2003, most Congolese have died from malaria, diarrhea, malnutrition, cholera, typhoid fever and hepatitis A – all problems associated with the lack of safe drinking water.  It is estimated that 100 people per day die due to unhealthy water conditions.  In addition, it is usually the women who walk for hours to fetch water each day – water that is not safe!  Sometimes they even keep their daughters home so they can collect water instead of going to school.

We hope that soon they will have safe drinking water and that the girls can attend school to improve their lives.  THANK YOU for making a difference!

CROP WalkIn spite of the overcast day, over 90 people from the Fenton churches showed up to walk today in the 2013 CROP Walk including 12 people from our church.  This was Fenton’s 33rd annual walk for the Fenton, Lake Fenton, Linden and Holly area.  Almost $300,000 has been raised over those years “ending hunger one step at a time”.   One-fourth of the money raised this year will be used to support three local agencies:  FISH (Food Pantry) in Linden, St. Jude’s School Lunch Program and Fenton UMC Food Bank.

Relay for LifeOur team, Presbyterians with a Purpose, had another great year raising money to find cures for cancer and raising awareness.  We raised $7635.00 so far with a couple more fund raisers yet to take place.  Our team came in second of the 25 teams participating in 2013.  A new long-term study, Cancer Prevention Study 3, is beginning with 137 participants signing up at the event.  So far, the Fenton Relay for Life has raised $50,586 this year.