503 South Leroy Street Fenton, MI 48430 (810) 629-7801

Since 2006, Adopt-a-Pet has found homes for over 3000 cats and dogs and funded veterinary care for some very sick animals. Their objective is “to find loving homes for homeless dogs and cats as well as assist people in the community to find homes for their personal animals.”

On Saturday, May 18, 13 volunteers from our church and 12 volunteers from our scout troop had a wonderful time assisting Adopt-a-Pet on a nice day. We cleaned the dog kennels, weeded the flower beds, cut down garlic mustard plans, cleaned an office floor, processed donated pop cans (which pays for their electricity each month!), filled holes and performed numerous other landscaping chores. We use a portion of our time, talents and mission budget to assist them in serving God’s cats and dogs.