We are a group of people who want to explore our relationship with God in multiple ways. We study various books of the Bible with emphasis on context, writing style and archeological discovery (how did the first audience of these writings understand their meaning); and we study the work of a variety of independent scholars such as Dr. Michael Heiser, Dr. Tim Mackie and others who present the most current in biblical interpretation; as well as apologists such as C. S. Lewis — generally avoiding denominational orientation. We read the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation as a single story with a single theme that’s constantly repeated but often lost in the “noise.”

We are an ongoing study group that picks the direction of each study, encouraging intellectual and emotional interaction with each topic and book. Each topic takes as long as it takes.

Upcoming Study Information

Beginning Sunday, January 14, this group will be discussing the book “Flood and Fury: Old Testament Violence and Shalom of God” by Matthew J. Lynch. This book discusses how the destruction and killing in the Old Testament (Joshua and the Flood) can cause us to question whether God is true and just. It is recommended that those wishing to take part in the is study, read the book prior to the first class.

We meet from 5PM to 6:15ish on Sunday evenings at the offices of 4square Tax & Accounting Inc. 205 Lincoln St, Fenton. Study is moderated by Elder Larry Zimbler. Participation is live or by zoom and we welcome new participants.

Join us in person at 4square Tax AND also on Zoom. Join via Zoom


Meeting ID: 829 6124 1969     Passcode: 017303