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Mission Outreach at First Presbyterian Church

The Mission and Stewardship committee promotes putting our faith into action by serving God’s world in various “hands-on” mission activities as well as interpreting financial needs of our church, community, nation and world.

Upcoming Mission Outreach Opportunities (COVID-19 Update):

The schedule of mission activities have all been postponed/cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This discussion resulted in the formation of things that we could do as a congregation to assist our neighbors. The following details those efforts,

St. Jude’s has been doing great work in attempting to provide food to those in need during this trying time. We are hoping to enlist the help of of our congregation in assisting thier efforts, by providing food that St. Jude’s is unable to aquire through the Food Bank. We will be recieving weekly updates from St. Judes that we will share with our congregation vis email, Facebook and our website, so stayed tuned.

St Jude’s provides:
-Groceries for 60 seniors at Dauner Haus every other week.
-Groceries for employees of two local restaruants that have been laid off due to the shelter in place order every other week.
This includes 11 families, 30 people total.
-Food for weekend lunches for Fenton, Lake Fenton, and Linden students, every Saturday.

Carriage Town Ministries is temporarily unable to accept clothing donations during the pandemic time period. It has been recommended that during this time we take our clothing donations to “Community Threads”, located here in Fenton. Once they are able to again accept donations, we will resume our efforts there,

We are always open, and look forward to suggestions of how we can play a pivital role in assisting our neighbors and community during this trying time. We also look forward to once again being able resuming our normal scheduled mission activities.

Local Mission Outreach each month

Each month, our church organizes at least one mission outreach opportunity for us to serve God’s world and make our faith “real” to us and our community.  We encourage members and visitors to consider each opportunity to see if God is calling you to join in this work.  We use our time, talent and treasure (local mission budget money) in these local mission outreach areas.  Below this listing are some recent mission “posts” or articles on these outreach ministries as well as some pictures.

  • Family Promise (helping homeless become independent again)
  • Adopt-a-Pet (finding loving homes for cats and dogs)
  • Shelter of Flint (serving the homeless)
  • North End Soup Kitchen (providing hot meals to families with low or no income)
  • Christmas In Action (providing home repairs to seniors)
  • Blood Drives (Red Cross collecting blood)
  • Habitat for Humanity (providing homes for low-income families)
  • CROP Walk (providing food today and tomorrow worldwide)
  • Food Bank of Eastern Michigan (providing food to the hungry in 22 counties of Michigan)
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing (meeting human needs in the name of Jesus Christ without discrimination)

2020 Crop Walk

Hunger is one of the greatest injustices facing our world today, but it doesn’t have to be… you can feed our neighbors here and around the world! Join Fenton 1st Presbyterian from 2-3pm on October 4th for the Crop Hunger Walk. We will be social distancing and/or walking with family as we walk a route [...]

North End Soup Kitchen 2020

During this COVID-19 pandemic, access to food has become even more important for everyone. Our church supplied a small group of volunteers (at their request) to assist the North End Soup Kitchen in preparing a warm lunch and other foods for the people of Flint who are struggling the most. We prepared a warm meal […]

Christmas in Action

Christmas In Action (CIA) uses volunteer labor along with donated money and materials to perform free home repairs for low income or handicapped senior citizens, repairs that they cannot do or afford to have done. It is a great way for our church to reach out to the community and to serve God’s family! Our […]

Global Mission Update

Dear Family and Friends,

We greet you with Christ’s peace amidst the pandemic and protests.

Although we are worlds apart, we are reminded that social concerns that confront and unite us:  police violence, extrajudicial killings, and the commitment to justice.  As a family, we’ve had several conversations about these matters and how they relate to our identities and our faith.  Especially speaking for myself (Cathy), I’ve spent more time in self-reflection and trying to find ways to confess, repent and move forward with new commitments. Through it all, we know that we are together.

  1. Prayers – After sheltering in place in Quezon City, Philippines, we are now preparing to travel to the US.  Starting this Sunday, June 21, our whole family will travel to California for a very short visit.  The travel will be long because of several layovers, as well as our anxiety of getting sick.  Because of Juan’s green card, he is required to re-enter the US, with one year between each visit.  Since we are foreign nationals in the Philippines, we are still restricted from entering the Philippines – these were put in place during our lockdown, and still in place.  We are hoping against hope that we will not face any troubles in our travels or while resting with family in California.  Please join us in your prayers for safe travels and our health and well-being.
  1. Zoom check-ins — Assuming that we arrive safely and stay healthy in California, the first 14 days will be our self-quarantine.  If your church, Mission Committee, Presbyterian Women circle, Sunday School, or any other group, would be interested in a weekday virtual visit, please contact us.  We are thankful for the churches that have already hosted us virtually, since we had to change our original in-person plans for this summer.
  2. Update and projects for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) — My colleagues with Migrante Philippines have created several videos to provide an overall situation faced by migrant workers, as well as the testimonies of 3 migrants.  Here’s the link:
  3. Feel free to reach out if you have more questions about these videos.
  4. In case you are compelled to give financially towards Migrante’s projects, you may give towards our ECO 52147.  You must designate the gift in the memo line “For Migration and Anti-Human Trafficking.”  You can give directly here:  https://www.presbyterianmission.org/donate/e052147/
  5. Quarterly newsletter — CHANG-LOPEZ_May 2020

We remain grateful that we are serving together in God’s mission.  We would really love to hear from you — please drop us a line and share how you are and how we might be praying for you.

With the deep peace of Christ,

Cathy, Juan and Aurelie

Rev. Cathy Chang

Presbyterian World Mission

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Regional Facilitator for Addressing Migration and Human Trafficking