Sunday Evening Bible Study

Sunday Evening Sudy “Controversial Christianity” – For the next 6 or so weeks this group will be exploring various aspects of Christian practice and tradition with a view toward their history from the Hebrew Scripture and practice, through the development of the belief structures that exist across multiple denominations today.

Each of the topics carries a level of historical controversy that, over the span of centuries, has created bitter and sometimes deadly conflict about the “correct” practice(s) and belief. The goal is to encourage participation with personal histories and beliefs, and personal meanings of the various items. We will also try to identify the Holy Spirit at work in the world. We will draw from scripture, church councils, writings of church fathers, Calvin, Luther and others, and consider multiple Christian belief structures including Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Reformed Protestantism, and sometimes “fringe” sects. ALL ARE WELCOME! Participants are encouraged to propose additional or replacement topics. I’d like to ultimately cover 6 weeks then break for the summer.
We meet in the conference room at 4square Tax & Accounting at 5PM Sunday evenings.

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Jun 11 2023


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm