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“Spiritual Recovery: Powerless and Unmanageable”
September 8, 2019

“Spiritual Recovery: Powerless and Unmanageable”

Passage: Romans 7:14-25, James 1:23-24, 2 Kings 5:1-15

We all know about chemical addictions and how they can destroy lives. What if we told you that there was such a thing as behavioral addictions? Paul the Apostle talks about out of control habits and behaviors that he wishes he could stop. Alcoholic Anonymous’s 12 step program has much to say about how we might experience change in our lives. The first step, as the book of James suggests, is to look in the mirror and realize who we really are. Join us as we explore the story of Naaman who experienced healing when he admitted who he was: powerless and unmanageable.

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