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The work of the Session of the First Presbyterian Church of Fenton is divided into seven areas, each of which is assigned to a committee of the Session. At least two Elders serve on each committee, with one designated as chairperson and another as vice-chairperson. The rest of each committee is made up of co-opted members of the congregation.

The pastor has ex-officio standing on all of the committees.

The Session committees are:

Administration This committee oversees the work of the church as it pertains to the effective running of the business affairs of the church, dealing with the church budget/finance, maintenance of the buildings and grounds as well as personnel issues.
Christian Education This committee has general oversight over all educational programs of the church as well as youth fellowship activities.
Congregational Life This committee  assists the congregation in becoming a more loving church family by providing a variety of fellowship activities, review of church rolls, and care of members including oversight of the deacons and parish nurse team.
Mission and Stewardship This committee oversees the church’s mission efforts and social concern activities, by suggesting local mission projects to the Session and interpreting the mission work of the presbytery, synod and general assembly.  The stewardship component includes conducting the annual campaigns for the operating budget, the three-year campaigns to reduce the mortgage and interpreting the various ways to use our time and talents toward the mission of the church.
New Member and Outreach This committee leads the effort to introduce new people to Jesus Christ and the Christian faith as well as providing ways for new members to know they are an important part of our church family.
Worship This committee works with the pastor and music staff to plan the worship experiences. It is responsible for ushers, lay readers, acolytes, communion servers, flowers for the communion table, Advent Devotional, all special services and music, Lenten “simple meals,” youth involvement and leadership in the church service, maintenance of the organ and piano.
Nominating This is a committee of the congregation, under the leadership of one Session member, entrusted with the task of making nominations to the congregation, in accordance with the church By-laws, for Elder-Trustees, Deacons, and at-large members of the Nominating Committee.



The office of a Deacon is one of sympathy, witness and service after the example of Jesus Christ.  Deacons serve both the Church and community with a care-giving ministry wherever there is a need for caring, support, and Christian love.  Some of the Deacon Projects and responsibilities are:


Easter Basket Project With Deacon coordination, the congregation provides a complete Easter dinner and Easter treats to qualified families in the community
Back to School Project With Deacon coordination, the congregation helps qualified families in the community with their back-to-school clothing and supply needs
Senior Celebration Luncheon As a tribute to our senior members, a fall luncheon, complete with communion and entertainment, is hosted by the Deacons for all members who are 70 or older
Christmas Project With Deacon coordination, the congregation provides a complete Christmas meal and Christmas presents to qualified families in the community
“Ask Me” Greeter A Deacon greets members and guests at the entrance door and provides any needed information
Card Ministry A Deacon sends cards to members and friends of the congregation who are ill, grieving or in hospice
Caregiving Ministry Deacons minister to the needs of shut-ins and offer friendship and companionship
Communion Preparation Deacons prepare the bread trays and communion cups
Deacon Scholarship Deacons offer a scholarship to those beginning or continuing post-high-school education
Deacon Sunday Deacons conduct the entire worship service on the last Sunday in September
Funeral Dinners A Deacon coordinates funeral dinners or desserts at the request of the families
Helping Hands A Deacon coordinates assistance for those who need rides or have specific needs at home that can be done by a volunteer
Home Meals A Deacon coordinates meals for those in the congregation who have returned home after a hospital stay, who are ill at home and can’t cook for themselves, or who have recently lost a loved one
Memorial Books
A Deacon purchases books for the church library in memory of members who have passed away
Prayer Chain A Deacon contacts those on the prayer chain who pray for anyone who requests prayers for themselves or loved ones
Website A Deacon posts information on the church website regarding Deacon activities
Wedding Bibles The Board of Deacons presents a bible to couples married at the church.