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Faith in femininity is a mission to give impoverished women in Flint, MI power over their periods. By donating feminine products, we can help them be sanitary, safe and confident. Faith in Femininity was formed through Fenton First Presbyterian Church, by two high school students, Waverly Ritchie and Lindsey Gibb, who have a passion for helping others.

Meet the Team

Waverly Ritchie and Lindsey Gibb, both 15, are the co-founders and presidents of Faith in Femininity.

Madeline Gibb, 13, is the Vice President of Faith in Femininity.

Maris Ferguson, age 15, helps with financial advisements, and she’s a master at couponing.

Donate Now

Donations by check can be made through Fenton First Presbyterian Church

*Please note that the donation is to go to Faith in Femininity

503 S. Leroy
Fenton, MI  48430


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